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Why should I seek Counselling or Psychotherapy?
  • "I keeping obsessing about things, over and over, I just can't seem to stop".
  • "I have voice telling me I'm not good, I'm useless, I feel like a small child".
  • "My friend has just told me the cancer has returned, it has brought it all back, the fear".
  • "We don't talk about anything just the day to day, it's dead between us".
  • "I wake up at 3.00 in the morning just panicking".
  • "My house is out of control, I can't cope".

These are just some of the things people have said who have sought help. They are every day words, but sometimes it can take a long time for someone to admit they need help and it may be the first time those words have been said to anyone. They were said to a therapist and they were said because that person had reached a place where they really needed help.

Counselling and psychotherapy are very much about building a trusting, confidential and therapeutic relationship with someone who is highly trained in helping you seek a way through your difficulties. As a therapist I will seek to help you make sense of the way you are feeling; the time spent together is your opportunity to explore your current thoughts as well as past experience that may have influenced your current situation.

I quite like this summary:

"The task of counselling is to give the client an opportunity to explore, discover and clarify ways of living more resourcefully and towards great well being".*

As a therapist I can help you with:

Feelings of stress and anxiety helping you to regain control of your life
Relationship difficulties
Dealing with grief and loss and major changes
Feelings of lack of confidence and achieving your true potential
Examining behaviours that seem to stop you achieving what you want.

*Counselling: Definition of Terms in use with Expansion and Rationale. British Association for Counselling (1991).

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