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by Michelle Krethlow Shaw

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Finding that inner smile, Endorphins and stuff!

Have you ever spent a moment to just think about what makes you smile? Not just a broad grin but that inner smile, an inner lift of the heart, or something that just reaches the corners of your mouth?

Working with relationships; What does the word love mean to you?

When working with difficult relationships especially marital relationships, one of the first questions I ask is; ‘what does the word love mean to you'?


The Therapeutic Relationship.

From my own experiences as a therapist one of the most important factors in a client's recovery is the therapeutic relationship, and actually one of the most difficult aspects of therapy to pin down in words.



What is Mindfulness and it's effects on stress - a personal perspective.

Throughout my own personal journey through the world of therapy I have found myself being constantly drawn to helping people manage their battle with stress.



A Brief History of Hypnosis.

So where does Hypnosis originate? Trance states have been recognised throughout history for hundreds of years. For instance there is some evidence, but it remains inconclusive that trance states were recognised in ancient Egypt.


Weight Control & Hypnotherapy.

People seeking help with weight loss vary from those wishing to lose only a few pounds to people wanting to lose several stones. Each case is treated individually with the client, assessing carefully the reality of the weight loss wanted and the length of time this may take.


Stopping smoking and Hypnotherapy: two sessions to change your life.

Comparing the serious damage smoking can cause to your quality of life with 2 hours spent with a Hypnotherapist can seem a pretty good bargain.




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