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Stopping smoking and Hypnotherapy: two sessions to change your life.

by Michelle Krethlow Shaw

Comparing the serious damage smoking can cause to your quality of life with two sessions spent with a Hypnotherapist can seem a pretty good bargain. Any search on Google will reveal to you a horrifying list of life threatening as well as lifestyle threatening consequences to smoking tobacco including: Oesophageal Cancer, Emphysema, Bladder Cancer but also premature aging and infertility. These are all due of course to the mind blowing list of toxic ingredients to be found in cigarettes: Hydrogen Cyanide, Formaldehyde, Benzene, Carbon Monoxide, Lead, to name a fraction. There are around 4,000 different chemicals in the ignited smoke of a cigarette.

It only takes a little imagination and projection into the future to start to weigh up the benefits of not smoking and having a healthier, richer lifestyle with the consequences of an earlier and perhaps very uncomfortable protracted demise.

So how could Hypnotherapy help? The no smoking sessions are tailored around your individual smoking history and perceived benefits to becoming a non smoker. A good part of the sessions is about getting to know all about your smoking habit:

•  how motivated you are to quit (this needs to be high and come from you not from others)

•  your smoking history, how you got started

•  when and where you smoke

•  the benefits to you personally of not smoking.

Once we have talked this all through we approach the Hypnotherapy section of the treatment in the second session. The second session starts with discussing what will happen and then actually working together through Hypnotic process.

At the end of the Hypnotic Session and following a brief discussion of the experience you are officially a non smoker. It is also part of my practice to send you out into the world with a small information pack.

Both sessions in total should take approximately two hours.

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