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Stressed out of your head?


Stress Relief Taster.

Taking time out from a busy schedule can sometimes feel like one more item on the list of ‘got to do's'. However, time taken just for you to relax and reflect is time well spent. This time can enable you to nurture your inner well being and help you to build a level of resilience needed to cope with all the stresses of everyday life. One of the techniques I really believe is highly beneficial in working with daily stress is learning deep body progressive relaxation techniques through Hypnosis. Many of you may be already familiar with the idea of just gently working down your body and relaxing each of your muscles in turn, and then taking a few moments to relax within this.

I have recorded a brief excerpt to give you a taste of what can be possible. Before listening make sure you have a few uninterrupted moments to spare, are sitting somewhere really comfortable and feeling ready to relax …..there's no need to close your eyes just yet….

I hope that following this small example you are feeling more refreshed and fully aware of the world around you.

If you feel you would like to know more about how we could work together on any of your difficulties please contact me.

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