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You say you have an interest in stress?
Most of us in today's world experience stress to some level. Of course some stress is a good thing, it motivates us for example to get out of bed in the morning, to have that performance edge when sitting exams or making a speech. However sometimes we can experience overload, our lives can seem to be running out of control and we have that feeling of not being able to cope for much longer. This may manifest itself in any number of symptoms; from being constantly irritable, to panic attacks, using alcohol or drugs or to bouts of illness such as irritable bowel and heart attacks. To be honest there is a huge list.

My role as a therapist would be to identify with you your causes of stress, taking a good look at your whole lifestyle; background and how you are cope with stress, both past and present. We would then look at what you would like to achieve and to learn new ways that would help you get your life back in control.

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