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"Michelle helped me a lot with dealing and managing anxiety. She made me feel really comfortable and was very understanding.  I took a lot from each individual session; it allowed me to try different techniques to help me manage my stress.  I would definitely recommend Michelle to anyone."
"Michelle and I discussed a range of issues around the death of my father and although difficult to discuss I found Michelle as a therapist very kind and thoughtful.  We looked at many views that I had never thought about, and this helped to clarify my way forward. I now feel much happier in myself.  I would certainly recommend Michelle to anyone, she was extremely professional and I trusted her completely."
"Michelle established a deep understanding of my needs and created a detailed and thorough plan of therapy, which was of enormous benefit to me.  My personal experience of the process including Hypnosis was enjoyable and highly beneficial to my personal circumstances.  I felt Michelle to be highly professional in her approach and would recommend her skills to anyone seeking help."

I found Michelle last year when I thought counselling may help me following time off work with anxiety and stress. I found Michelle to be very approachable and exceptionally empathetic without passing judgement. I benefited greatly from our work on acceptance and Mindfulness – reconnecting with the here and now and changing my relationship with negative thoughts."



About Michelle Krethlow Shaw.
Dip Hyp Cs, MHS, MNCS(Acc), Adv Dip Cp, Cert SM
  • ‘I can’t stop thinking about things over and over’
  • 'I have a voice telling me I’m no good, I’m useless, I feel like a small child'
  • ‘I am really fearful about driving on motorways’
  • ‘I keep thinking about my wife and feel guilty about enjoying myself now that she has gone’
  • ‘I wake up at 3.00 in the morning just panicking’

These are just some of the words people have expressed who have sought my help in the last few years. They are every day words, but sometimes it can take a long time for someone to admit that they need help. It may be the first time those words have been said to anyone out loud.  

I am a Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist based in Broomfield, Chelmsford Essex. I have been practicing Counselling and Hypnotherapy for over 5 years as well as having over 24 years of experience working with, managing, supporting and motivating teams of people within local government. I have also acted for Victim Support on a voluntary basis as well as spending 2 years working with a child with severe behavioural and psychological difficulties within an Educational environment.

Working together with you the client as an individual, the process of therapy is tailor made to your specific needs. In helping with the choice that is right for you, I am able to draw upon the different tools of Person Centred Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and the Psychodynamic approach to therapy as well as Hypnosis. I have also a special interest in the  management of stress, having gained a certificate in stress management as well as studying Mindfulness   Mindful Based Stress Reduction techniques with renowned expert in the field; Michael Chaskalson Just recently I have completed a year studying EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) gaining a certificate with the EMDR Centre London in order to enhance my abilities to work with all elements of Trauma. I believe this unique combination of skills means that together we should be able to work through your difficulties helping you to find a better sense of personal wellbeing. 

At my practice in Chelmsford I can offer help with a wide number of difficulties and issues, including help with: grief and loss, depression, anxiety, stress, fears and phobias, trauma, low self-esteem and confidence, self-destructive behaviours, difficulties with relationships and specifically with Hypnotherapy; smoking cessation and weight loss.

I am a member of the National Counselling Society and an Accredited member of the Hypnotherapy Society, with additional qualifications in the Management of Stress, via the Academy of Clinical and Medical Hypnosis and a Certificate in EMDR in Therapy and Coaching, via EMDR Centre London. All my work adheres to the BACP code of ethics and practice and I offer a fully confidential service, in secure, comfortable and private surroundings.  Ethical Framework

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